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Learn more about the IRS Account Tracking and Audit Detection Product directly from Donna and Ty in the video below.


Donna Blackwell: Hi, this is Donna Blackwell and Tyrone Taylor. With Tax Debt Relief. We’re going to talk today about our IRS accountant protection and audit detection program. It’s $199 for one year.

Tyrone Taylor: So what audit detection does for you as a taxpayer, if you’re one of those taxpayers that are worried about the IRS coming and auditing you sometime in the future. Especially with the IRS hiring a large number of revenue agents in the next few years, this would be a great program for you. Because what it actually allows us to do is to monitor your IRS tax account. And what that allows us to do is, if you’re up for an audit, believe it or not, we will know before the actual… the IRS actually audits you

DB: And also, if you’re a self employed person, a client. For any reason you did not receive all your 1099’s, it would detect any unreported income, also if you sold stocks. Anything that the IRS will tell us if you’re under reported, we can go back and file a tax return. And catch that before the IRS sends you a letter.

TT: And that can save you potentially 1000s of dollars in penalties and interest. One of the biggest penalties that the IRS assesses is something called an accuracy penalty. And that can be up to 20% of whatever new tax you owe. So if you could file that return before the IRS catches that, that is going to be a substantial savings. So you’re investing $199 In our audit, our audit detection program can be a good investment.

DB: And also to, into the years if you had a hiccup here there, it may have, you may have some abatements. We can go back and on abatements, you can get some money back from the IRS. But this audit protection program can detect that so we can contact you and say, Hey, do you want to file this form and fill out? Fill it out? You may get free money from the IRS.

TT: So that’s our program. If you would like more information, please feel free to give us a call. Our telephone number is 615-763-DEBT. And we’ll be happy to answer any questions and get you signed up.

DB: Thank you and y’all have a wonderful day.


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