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2024 Important Tax Dates and Deadlines

Tax filing can be one of the most dreaded activities in life, but it's an unavoidable part of being an individual or business owner. Staying on top of specific important tax dates and deadlines throughout the year is key to ensuring everything gets filed correctly - and preventing any costly consequences with your tax bill! In this post, we'll walk you through all the important 2024 tax dates and deadlines for individuals, families, and business owners so that you're able stay organized when it comes to taxes. No more worrying about a filing deadline creeping up on you unexpectedly – take control now by familiarizing yourself with these crucial upcoming dates. Let's get started!

Federal Tax Returns

Partnership (1065) Returns Due March 15th /If Extension September 16th

S-Corporations (1120-S) Returns Due March 15th /If Extension September 16th

Personal (1040) Returns Due April 15th /If Extension October 15th

C-Corporations (1120) Returns Due April 15th / If Extension October 15th

*Must email us to file an extension – if you are not a previous client, there is a charge to file an extension*

Estimated Payments

1st April 15 No Extensions

2nd June 17 No Extensions

3rd Sept 16 No Extensions

4th Jan 15 No Extensions

State Tax Returns

*Annual Filing for LLCs and Corporations April 1st (No Extension)

*Franchise & Excise Tax Return Due April 15th / If Extension November 15th

Other Business Dates

*W-2 and 1099 Due January 31st (No Extension)

*Tangible Personal Property Reporting Only March 1st (No Extension)

*Business Licenses Dues April 15th (No Extension)

*Additional copy requests are $25.00 each

*Letter for Mortgage 50.00

Personal Property Due 10/15 to 2/28

We also provide year-round accounting, payroll, and bookkeeping services.

*Not included in tax preparation

Ultimately, meeting tax deadlines is a critical part of managing your financial obligations. For individuals, families, and business owners, being aware of important dates is the best way to stay organized and avoid any issues or unnecessary penalties. If you need help with preparing taxes, figuring out payroll options, or taking care of other bookkeeping concerns, then contact us or give us a call today at (615) 773-2736.

We have years of experience helping clients with financial services in order to meet their needs. Don’t take the risk of overlooking an important deadline or trying to figure out difficult paperwork on your own - contact us so that we can lend our expertise and get you through even the toughest accounting issues. Let us worry about the details while you can focus on more important tasks and navigate your way through 2024s various tax timelines.


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