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Our Audit Detection Program at Personalized Bookkeeping and Tax Services is a powerful tool for tax audit protection from our Mt. Juliet office, designed to keep you informed and ahead of potential financial challenges.

This state-of-the-art program works efficiently to identify IRS audits and exams, often several months in advance, enabling you to mitigate penalties and interest proactively. It's more than just a detection mechanism - this tool for IRS audit help from our Mt. Juliet bookkeeping firm is a comprehensive financial safeguard. Here's what this product offers to deliver peace of mind and keep your financial future secure:

  • Detects IRS Audits & Exams months in advance in most cases allowing the mitigation of penalties & interest.

  • Detects liens & levies by the IRS on your account.

  • This IRS audit help and representation service from our Mt. Juliet team identifies First Time Abatement opportunities back to 2001 which can result in additional refunds or offset of taxes owed.

  • Annual review of the current and previous three years of taxes for refund opportunities.

  • Audit risk assessment for the current tax return.

  • Annual income verification.

  • Track IRS payments with audit help and representation services from our Mt. Juliet team, including estimated payments.

  • Provides a comprehensive Tax Analysis report once a year.

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